Tramps Tenerife - The King of Clubs

Drinks Package

From: £15,00

This Package includes – 

  • Free Entry with access to the various club rooms.
  • Four Drinks Vouchers
  •  One Shot of Vodka Caramel
  • One Glass of Cava or one Free Bottle of Prosecco if you spend €60 or more on this offer.
  • Happy Hour until 01.00h on selected drinks.

For a great price of €15 per person

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Terms & Conditions *

* 18+
* We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person behaving in a disorderly manner.
* You are responsible for the safety and security of your belongings.
* If terms and conditions are not met a refund will not be given.


Embark on an Epic Night at Tramps: The Undisputed King of Clubs

Unveiling the Ultimate Experience in Dancing, Celebrating, and Pure Enjoyment

Discover a venue steeped in a legacy of excitement, where every moment is meticulously designed for an unforgettable night. Tramps Tenerife stands as the unrivaled King of Clubs, earning resounding praise for its exceptional staff, vibrant atmosphere, and an eclectic mix of music from pulsating house beats to R&B, chart-topping pop anthems to classic cheesy tunes and drinks packages.

Raise the Bar with Our Exclusive Offers

Curated Libations to Complement the Rhythm of the Night

Immerse yourself in a heightened experience from the very start with our exclusive drinks package. Enjoy a seamless flow of carefully selected beverages that perfectly harmonize with the night’s pulsating energy, igniting the party spirit and setting the stage for an evening of unparalleled enjoyment.

A Warm Welcome and Seamless Flow: The Tramps Experience Begins at the Entrance

Our Dedicated Staff Ensures Your Night Starts Right

As you step through our doors, be greeted by our dedicated staff at the entrance, ready to extend a warm welcome. Your night unfolds seamlessly, where the fusion of music and curated drinks creates an atmosphere unlike any other.

Tramps: Where Events Transform into Unforgettable Experiences

Redefining Your Nightlife One Celebration at a Time

Tramps isn’t just a venue; it’s an orchestrator of unforgettable experiences. Join us, and let Tramps be the backdrop to your night of joy and unforgettable moments.


Tramps Tenerife does more than anyone and everyone else on Veronicas Strip.


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