Tramps Tenerife - The King of Clubs

About The Best Club on Veronicas Strip in Tenerife

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Party every night like its the weekend!

Open every night from 10pm until 6am.


Tramps Tenerife beats as Veronicas Strip’s pulse, defining Tenerife’s nightlife zenith. Nestled in Playa de las Americas, we embody a rich legacy, unrivalled in nocturnal luxury.

At Tenerife’s nightlife forefront, Tramps sets the gold standard with cutting-edge lighting, futuristic sound, and chic interiors. We host world-class DJ events, celebrity appearances, and the latest license open until 6am.

“Music is the answer,” drawing club enthusiasts and locals alike. Crowned Tenerife’s best nightclub, Tramps offers diverse music genres, lavish VIP areas, dynamic dance floors, LED Walls, Confetti Cannons, CO2 Cannons, three bars, a sprawling terrace, and comfortable seating.

Savour handcrafted cocktails at our premier bar, each sip a gateway to unforgettable memories. With consistently packed summers, Tramps Tenerife reigns supreme as Veronicas Strip’s superclub, an unmatched spectacle of celebration and charm.

Voted best nightclub on Veronicas Strip.


“Let the Music Be Your Answer”

In our main room, party to all your favourite Dance Anthems amidst an unparalleled atmosphere. Unmatched anywhere else on Veronica’s in Playa de las Americas, our main room promises an unforgettable experience.

The King of Clubs leads you on an epic journey, ensuring your holiday nights are nothing short of spectacular. Clubbers flock here, ready for serious dancing and twerking until 6 am, creating the best memories to take home.

Room 2 – Cocos

Before 3am, unleash your inner rockstar at our renowned Karaoke party, where nostalgia meets the present. Transport yourself to eras when Jon Bon Jovi rocked and the Spice Girls ruled the world.

After 3am, experience Cocos’ metamorphosis with electrifying urban beats—immerse yourself in RnB, Hip Hop, and Afrobeats .

Whether you’re belting out classics or dancing to contemporary tunes, Cocos promises a diverse and unforgettable nightlife experience.