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C. All Inclusive

Plan your big night out and save money by purchasing an unlimited drinks wristband from €20.  Go all inclusive in The King of Clubs.

Package includes –

  • Free Entry
  • Drink all inclusive for one hour or all night long!
  • Drink any Bottled Beer or any House Spirits with mixer.
  • Just bring your Chips Cheese & Donner and taxi fare home money with you.

Lead Name

Time of Arrival *

All Inclusive *

Please select one hour or all night all inclusive.
Drinks include any beer and Local House Spirits only.

Terms & Conditions *

* Any bottled beer or house spirit with mixer.
* You can only order one drink at a time with empty glass being returned for refill.
* No giving away drinks to any other persons.
* Drink responsibly.
* We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person behaving in a disorderly manner.
* You are responsible for the safety and security of your belongings.
* 18+
* Cancellation policy – At least 48h notice must be given for 100% refund, less than 48h notice will be 50% refund.


Join the Party at Tramps with Two Exciting All Inclusive Packages

Get ready to experience the ultimate nightlife at Tramps, located right on the vibrant Veronicas Strip in Tenerife, with our two amazing all inclusive packages!

Experience the One Hour Open Bar

Ready to kick start the night? Dive straight into an hour of non-stop fun with our One Hour All Inclusive package! Picture this: as soon as you walk through our doors, bam! You’re hit with an explosion of excitement and luxury, right here on Tenerife’s lively Veronicas Strip. Plus, sip on your favorite drinks from our top-notch selection and drink to the beats that keep the party going.

Whether you’re here for a quick break or to jump start the night, this package guarantees a taste of Tramps’ legendary hospitality. Plus, our friendly staff is here to make sure your every whim is catered to, ensuring a night you won’t forget!

Indulge in the All Night All Inclusive Open Bar

Can’t get enough of the party vibe? Then our All Night All Inclusive Open Bar package is calling your name! From sunset to sunrise, immerse yourself in the epitome of nightlife bliss with unlimited drinks. Plus, lose yourself in the rhythm of the music, surrounded by a vibe that’s electric with excitement and camaraderie.

At Tramps, the party never stops! Moreover, our expert bartenders are whipping up signature cocktails that will tantalize your taste buds, adding an extra touch of class to your night out.

So what are you waiting for? Join us at Tramps and take your pick from these two incredible packages. Furthermore, with our commitment to making every moment unforgettable, you’re guaranteed a night of pure magic that’ll have you coming back for more!

Come and discover the heart of Tenerife’s nightlife—come and discover Tramps on the Veronicas Strip!

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