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Things can only get better…

The Spring and Summer is fast approaching and things are starting to look up and get better with many restrictions fading away in Tenerife.

Can we hope and dream that we will have a summer of no restrictions and back to 6am close?

A few weeks back everything had to close at midnight, then recently it changed to 2am then 3am close and now it is 4am, so surely it isn’t long before Tramps gets it 6am closing time back and clubbers can have the full Tramps experience to the early hours of the morning..

Day by day, week by week things are slowly getting better as we gear up ready for Spring and Summer. The island is getting busier and we are eagerly waiting for the news that everything can go back to normal with no restrictions and when that day comes we will celebrate like Tenerife has never celebrated before!

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Welcome to Tramps.

” A night out without Tramps, just isn’t a night out at all in Tenerife!”

Tramps is one of the very few nightspots on Veronicas that is British / European managed. With this is mind, we understand the importance of what you expect in terms of a night out means to you, with aspects of high standards, quality service, safe environment, lots of fun, the best music and an incredible atmosphere.

With years of experience gained working on Veronicas strip with ever changing trends, we can guarantee you all of the above and more.

Being British managed we also understand the importance if you are celebrating in Tenerife with a group of friends on a Stag or Hen party, other nationality bar managers just don’t understand the British culture and way for such celebrations. This is why, we are the only venue to have party packages for you to book in Tenerife nightlife.

With high expectations we deliver, playing the music you want to hear in which creates an electric atmosphere for the clubbing faithful who travel from all over Europe to enjoy and not forgetting making the best memories with your friends which will keep the group chat pinging for a long time to come!

We make nights out so much easier by having English, Spanish & European speaking staff who are always there to help and talk shall you need it.

Sometimes though, it’s the small things that matter and count on a night out that make the difference, for example – while other places in Tenerife might serve in plastic cups, we do not let our standards slip, we want to serve you in the correct glass with the correct measurement with branded spirits. We also provide comfortable and refurbished seating areas inside our club and on our terrace outside for you to sit down and relax after being out partying all night if you need a little rest or break. Not to mention a very important other small matter that might make you laugh – having toilet seats and toilet paper in the toilets – If you know, you know!!

With all hospitality closing earlier than usual at 4am, it’s imperative that you visit us earlier in the night as we are no longer an after hours club until things get back to normal.

We set the standard and others try to follow.

We look forward to welcoming you through our doors.

Oliver Fisher – General Manager.

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