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Rewind – Club Classics

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Rewind – Club Classics

Tramps, The King of Clubs

Tramps Rewind – Club Classics

Every Monday, immerse yourself in the ultimate Tenerife nightlife event at Tramps Rewind – Club Classics on Veronicas Strip. Join us on a dynamic musical journey through the past two decades, where the best hits in house music and hip hop come alive. Moreover, our iconic venue on Veronicas Strip invites you to dance, connect, and savor the rhythm of the night. Be part of an unforgettable evening where vibrant beats, an electric atmosphere, and everlasting memories await. Don’t miss out—see you on the dance floor!

Rewind through the classics: Explore top tracks from the last two decades, featuring infectious house rhythms, pulsating hip-hop beats, old-school R&B, and timeless dance anthems.

Experience timeless hits in each room at Tramps, ensuring music enthusiasts find their groove across the musical spectrum. It’s a celebration of classics that resonate with different generations.

A Night of Nostalgia: ‘Rewind’ is your gateway to an evening filled with cherished memories and the enchantment of music from the past. Step into our world, dance your heart out, and pay homage to Tenerife nightlife’s defining classics.

Join us for an exceptional journey through time at ‘Rewind.’ It’s an evening where music enthusiasts of all ages gather to revisit the classics that have shaped our lives.

The only events on Veronicas Strip Tenerife in the best nightclub.



VIP Experience: Elevate your night with our VIP packages, offering exclusive access to elevated viewing areas, private lounges, and personalized service to ensure your night is nothing short of extraordinary.

Happy Hour: Plan your night out in Tramps Tenerife, The King of Clubs with entry and two drinks + one shot.

Happy Hour Before 1am / Free entry before 2am / Open until 6am

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