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George Bowie

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New Year’s Eve / Fin de Año 2024 – 2025

Step into the New Year in Style at Tramps Tenerife!

Get the party started with DJ George Bowie & GBX Anthems

Celebrate New Years eve in Tramps Tenerife, located opposite Veronicas Strip. Join us for “The last dance of 2024,” featuring the renowned DJ George Bowie and an electrifying lineup of GBX Anthems. Get ready for a night that promises extraordinary revelry and a memorable start to the New Year.

Dance into the Early Hours in True Veronica’s Style

Immerse yourself in true Veronica’s party style as you dance into the early hours, uniting with party enthusiasts from the UK and Europe. This is more than just a party; it’s a commitment to providing the best celebration of the year, with a vibrant ambiance and contagious energy that will leave lasting memories.

Musical Extravaganza in Two Rooms

Tramps undergoes a sonic metamorphosis, transforming into a musical haven befitting its title as the King of Clubs. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating countdown to the new year with beats spun by resident DJs Mikey Marshall, Chibbs, Sam Beat, and Funky Fisher across two music-filled rooms:

Room 1 – George Bowie & GBX Anthems / House Music
Room 2 – RnB / Afrobeats / Hip Hop.

Spectacular New Year’s Eve Countdown with Confetti Cannons and Fireworks

Gear up for a mind-blowing New Year’s countdown on the huge LED wall, featuring confetti blizzards, CO2 blasts, and a spectacular firework frenzy. Grab your tickets early at £25, including a complimentary drink, or pay €30 at the door (excluding drinks).

Join the Ultimate Celebration at Tramps Tenerife

Be part of the ultimate celebration as Tramps Tenerife hosts the unrivaled New Year’s Eve party of 2024. Last year was a complete sellout, so ensure you secure your tickets well in advance for an unforgettable night.

Pre-Party in the Highlander Bar

Kickstart your night in style by joining the pre-party experience at The Highlander Bar, located above Tramps. Set the perfect tone for an incredible evening before stepping into the main event.

No Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 – No Party!

Doors open from 10pm until 7am, ushering in a night of unmatched celebration and welcoming the New Year with style!

Voted best nightclub on Veronicas Strip.

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