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Clubland Billy Gillies Tramps Tenerife Veronicas Strip best nightclub

Clubland & Billy Gillies

A big thank you to Clubland and Billy Gillies for delivering one of the best parties ever at Tramps on Veronicas Strip. What an incredible crowd and an unforgettable night!
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Summer opening tramps tenerife veronicas strip gbx george bowie

Summer Opening with George Bowie & GBX Anthems

A big thank you to George Bowie for an amazing Summer Opening Party. We promised you one of the biggest parties on the island, and we delivered! No Scotland, no party!
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hen party tenerife

Hen Party Tenerife

Hen Party Extravaganza at Tramps Tenerife

Embark on an unforgettable Hen Party adventure at Tramps Tenerife, the ultimate destination on Veronicas Strip in Tenerife. Elevate your pre-wedding celebration in the heart of Playa de las Americas for a night filled with glamour, excitement, and laughter.

Tramps, The King of Clubs offers an exclusive and trendy setting for your celebration. With a chic interior, VIP booths, and cutting-edge light and sound systems, we set the stage for an extraordinary experience. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant dance floor or a cozy VIP area, we have the perfect space for your bride squad.

Indulge in the VIP experience, where our attentive staff caters to your group’s every need. Savor handcrafted cocktails from our classic menu, adding a touch of sophistication to your celebration. The intimate ambiance of Tramps provides the ideal backdrop for creating lasting memories.

With a late license until 6 am, Tramps Tenerife ensures your celebration continues well into the early hours. Dance, laugh, and revel in the best nightclub experience in Tenerife. From bachelorette traditions to personalized moments, Tramps Tenerife promises an extraordinary experience for the bride-to-be and her entourage. Cheers to a night of blissful celebrations!

Veronicas Strip best nightclub.

We do more than anyone and everyone else.

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New Years Eve Tenerife

New Years Eve with George Bowie

New Year’s Eve at Tramps Tenerife with George Bowie and GBX Anthems was an unforgettable celebration that brought together music, joy, and the vibrant spirit of the holiday. As the sun set on the picturesque island, the anticipation for the night ahead filled the air with excitement.

The atmosphere in Tramps on Veronicas Strip was electric, with the beats of GBX Anthems pulsating through the crowd, setting the perfect backdrop for a night of revelry. George Bowie, a maestro in the world of electronic dance music, took the stage and guided the crowd through a musical journey that transcended time and space.

The photo album captures the essence of the night — smiling faces, hands raised in unison, and the infectious energy that permeated every corner of Tramps. The vibrant lights, synchronized with the music, created a kaleidoscope of colors that illuminated the dance floor, turning it into a euphoric playground for New Year’s Eve enthusiasts.

The snapshots freeze moments of pure bliss, whether it’s friends toasting to new beginnings or strangers sharing a dance, united by the universal language of music. As the clock struck midnight, the cheers and laughter echoed the promise of a fresh start, symbolizing the collective hope and optimism that comes with a new year.

In the years to come, flipping through the pages of this photo album will transport you back to that magical night, rekindling the memories of a New Year’s Eve celebration like no other — a night where Tramps Tenerife, George Bowie, and GBX Anthems collaborated to create an unforgettable symphony of joy and camaraderie.

Veronicas Strip best nightclub.

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halloween party tenerife

Halloween Party 2023

Some say the best Halloween party on Veronicas Strip, others say the best in Tenerife!

Once again, what an amazing party.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and made the effort, keeping Tramps The best Halloween party.



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Nathan Dawe Tramps Tenerife

Nathan Dawe

Nathan Dawe in The King of Clubs on July 13th 2023.  Ain’t no party like a Tramps Tenerife party!

Simply the best events in Playa de las Americas.

Veronicas Strip best night club.

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