Tramps Tenerife - The King of Clubs

About The Best Club on Veronicas Strip in Tenerife

Our History begins in the late 1980s when Tramps was born, when a young family from Lebanon arrived on the shores of Tenerife, enjoyed the nightlife on Veronica’s so much that they instantly bought the Venue that is known as Tramps.  They added to Tenerife a new concept of clubbing creating a new experience and culture on Veronicas, a new music scene forming – The King of Clubs.
Throughout the 90’s & 2000s Tramps continued to be one of the most influential clubs on the island on Las Veronicas, attracting huge numbers of people all eager to experience Tenerife nightlife for which we was so famous for.  Back then, the club, like many others on the island had an open-terraced dance floors that would light up with the morning sunrise creating unforgettable Tenerife moments.
Fast forward 30 years and still owned by the same family, Tramps is a multi-award-winning club and is the most legendary, iconic, famous and talked about nightclub on Veronicas Strip, still leading the way in the Playa de las Americas nightlife scene with state of the art light and sound system, trendy interior design, major DJ events, celebrity appearances and Tenerife’s latest license for the party reveller to enjoy until 06:00h.
Our philosophy is “Music is the answer” in which it creates an electric atmosphere for the clubbing faithful who travel from all over Europe and residents alike to visit our club for the best nightlife in Tenerife. 
The club has multiple rooms which plays different music genres, three sumptuous VIP areas, three dance floors, three bars including a cocktail bar, a large open terrace, comfortable seating areas, happy hour promotions every night until 23.00h and FREE ENTRY Before 2am.
With club capacity regularly filled throughout the summer, millions of clubbers from around the globe entering our doors throughout the years, Tramps is undoubtedly number one nightclub in Tenerife.

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Room 1 – R&B and Dance Music

The sound of Tenerife…

Music is the answer so expect to hear all your favourite R&B and Dance Anthems in our main room with an amazing atmosphere that can not be rivalled, beaten or matched anywhere else on Veronica’s in Playa de las Americas.

The King of Clubs takes you through an epic frenzy journey ensuring the best nights of your holiday bringing home with you the best memories.

Clubbers turn up here in their droves to do some serious dancing and twerking all the way through until 06:00am.


Room 2 – COCOS THE 80s & 90s PARTY BAR

There ain’t no party like a Cocos Party…

Cocos is an awesome party bar, a great night out for people who want to bop all the way back to when Jon Bon Jovi first rocked our world and when Spice Girls ruled the world!!

Party people come to dance and sing the night away, led by DJ’s pumping out nothing but the best tunes from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s with Karaoke thrown in for good measure.

A room dedicated for all ages to enjoy.