Tramps Tenerife - The King of Clubs

Summer Takeover at Tramps Tenerife

The Tenerife Summer Takeover is at Tramps, The King of Clubs.

The Legendary, iconic super club Tramps has been working hard – refurbishing, organising and arranging for what will be the best summer in many years.

Premier nightclub Tramps has been leading the way in the Tenerife nightlife scene for many years with state of the art light and sound system, special events, celebrity appearances plus much much more!

Get ready for the sounds of the summer with Tramps Tenerife’s DJ’s pumping out nothing but tune after tune after tune, taking you through a epic frenzy journey ensuring the best nights of your holiday taking home with you the best memories.

The Summer Takeover

This summer thousands upon thousands of party goers and clubbers will ascend into Tramps where we have something for everyone.

Room 1 – Urban Vibes, playing the best in R&B and Hip Hop

Room 2 – A Twisted Fusion of Everything House Music

Room 3 – Party and Karaoke where anything goes!

Tenerife’s top recognised DJs with special guests, live entertainment including live percussion – dancers and LED robots, drink promotions and packages, VIP and Tenerife’s latest club license.

With drinks from €3 you can not go wrong.