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The UnVaccinated – Chapter 2

The King of Clubs proudly presents

The UnVaccinated – Halloween Party

A deadly outbreak has spread around the globe and scientists are in a race against time for a vaccine.   With months of research, data and science at the forefront a break though has been found with a 80% vaccination success rate.  The world is vaccinating people at an unprecedented rate but what the world governing bodies did not predict or know was the side effects of the vaccination on Halloween night.  On this night the vaccinated taunt the unvaccinated in a battle of life and death, will the unvaccinated survive a night of terror, only time will tell.

Some say the best Halloween Party in Playa de las Americas, some say the best Halloween Party in Tenerife!

Dress to impress!

Happy Hour Before 11pm
Free Entry Before 2am
Doors Open 10pm – 6am