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A message from the Tramps Tenerife manager

Hi and welcome to our website.

If your on our website reading this, it means that you are planning a holiday and a night out or two in Tenerife, Playa de las Americas.

You have been searching and found that the best nightclub on the Strip is Tramps The King of Clubs.

Tramps is iconic, the most famous and talked about nightclub on the Veronicas and Starco area in town, Tramps is the main event if your going out.

We strive to be the best, always improving whether it’s in our service of making drinks, keeping up-to date in the latest music trends, or staying ahead in club features looking stylish, as-well as our light and sound system looking and sounding the best.

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter and count on a night out that make the difference, for example – while other places in Tenerife might serve in plastic cups, we do not let our standards slip, we want to serve you in the correct glass with the correct measurement. We also provide comfortable and refurbished seating areas inside our club and on our terrace outside for you to sit down and relax after being out partying all night if you need a little rest or break. Not to mention a very important other small matter that might make you laugh – having toilet seats and toilet paper in the restrooms, if you know – you know!

People tend to come to us later in the night as we are open the latest until 6am, but people who do this miss out on so much on offer earlier in the night, including free entry, an amazing atmosphere in Cocos bar, the famous one hour open bar, drink promotions as well as cheaper drinks, we encourage you to come in earlier to get a stamp so you have free entry all night into Tramps then you can come and go as you please without paying the door entry later in the night, we want you to pay less for more before the promotional staff finish around 3am. So make sure you come to Tramps earlier in the night to save money and have a good time in a nice environment, but don’t worry too much, later in the night is the same bar priced drinks as everywhere else just not happy hour.

If your planning something special in Tenerife nightlife I would recommend you booking VIP with us whether it’s a birthday celebration, hen or stag party or even a divorce. We won’t disappoint.

From big famous events to themed nights, Tramps really is the leading club in town, you won’t find any other venues doing anything at all and we know how important it is to you and we provide this to the Clubbing faithful who travel to visit our beautiful island in Tenerife.

From a live Radio One broadcast in 2006 to a host of DJMags top 100 DJs and personal appearances from TV personalities such as Vernon Kay, Geordie Shore and Towie to name a few over the years.

I’d like to finish my blog saying that Tramps has the most professional and experienced DJs in Tenerife as well as award winning, as you can have a night out and listen to the same song several times in different venues. In Tramps you won’t hear the same song twice. Tramps provides three rooms with three different types of music in each room, and our DJs are one of the few DJs in Tenerife that professionally mix the music that is currently trending with the odd classic thrown in for good measure keeping streets ahead of the rest and not disappointing.

I really look forward to seeing you very soon in Tramps Nightclub Tenerife, if you see me, please feel free to say hello, I dont bite.

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