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Music Policy

In Tramps we take great pride and passion with the music that we play.  We want you to hear the music that you want to hear whilst on a night out and in Tramps.  With having three rooms we can do this, playing different types of music in each room, R&B, party and a house music rooms.

We understand that every person is different and has their own taste of music,  and our aim is to try and please every single person that walks through the doors.

So if your a fan of Tech House sessions, or maybe Dance anthems / Deep house we will have it for you, or perhaps some R&B / Grime we will be playing it for you, not forgetting the classic cheesy party anthems or maybe some Indie music thrown in for good measure, we have the music that you want to hear.

Through the summer, most places only have one DJ in one room, where as Tramps has six DJs performing nightly over three rooms, when you think about this and what we have to offer, its a no brainer really!

We makes the parties, but you make the nights.

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