Nintendo Switch: FIFA 18 Release Date, Features (PlayStation 4)

Nintendo Switch – EA announces the arrival of FIFA 18 to the console: The official presentation of Nintendo Switch has left a lot of news. And is that finally has been known the price and the launch date of the console and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as well as the duration of the battery. But that’s not all, as they have also shown a new game of Mario, announced Splatoon 2 for summer and confirmed several of their games, such as Skyrim.

But Electronic Arts has also been at the Nintendo conference to announce that one of the most successful sports simulators of all time, FIFA 18 release date will also be part of the Nintendo Switch game catalog. Although, yes, no date has been given for launching the new delivery nor has it been confirmed that FIFA 17, which takes from last year in the market, is going to leave for Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 18, What’s new on PlayStation 4?

  • The famous football franchise puts the batteries for its next edition on PlayStation 4.
  • After enjoying the improvements of the Frostbite graphics engine in FIFA17, the next installment of the saga promises to take full advantage of our PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, with a substantial improvement in the graphic and physical performance of our favorite football game.
  • In addition, there are many rumors that this new installment of EA will include minigames and extra modes of play, as was already happening in FIFA 2002, where we could disburse players heads, giant balls, mini-soccer fields and many others Game modes that lengthen the life of this great football game.
  • Undoubtedly, these new features and game modes that are expected in FIFA18 for PlayStation 4, are going to make us a bit hard waiting, but surely worth waiting for more than ever before of the famous sports delivery of EA Sports. For now, we can only hope and enjoy FIFA17 on PlayStation 4, which is not bad either.

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